Have an idea or looking for a solution of your own about automotive electronics and lighting? Just contact us, we’ll make it real with a detailed project planning.

B2B Custom designing & manufacturing is our major strength where we find solutions for automotive OEM’s and Tier1 manufacturer’s needs.

OEM: LCV’s, Buses, Trucks, Tractors, Minibus Body Builders, Vans, Motorhomes, Ambulances, Earth Moving Machineries, Forklifts etc…

Tier1: Air Conditioners, Interior Roof Air Channel & Hatch, Seats, Passenger Service Sets, Filters, Sliding Door, Exterior Lamp, Wiring Harness etc…

Project Management

Management ; Meet our solution oriented team to experience our communication skills and cooperative approach. Keeping the best balance of flexibility and efficiency is our main strategy to meet the time plan. You contacting us for a second project will be the proof of our success.

Budgeting ; Sanel aims to provide the competitive advantage for our customers by choosing the right and cost effective components with our process know-how. We will make sure that we offer the optimum solution with a feasible investment cost and unit price.

Simulation and Prototyping ; Simulation software helps us to analyse the product before it is sampled. Heat, stress, lighting and electronic layout simulations save time and cost while the prototype is the key for serial production. Sanel’s tool shop is always available to make things appear.

Test planning; Sanel’s experience in design & production will help to define the correct test methods. Inhouse tests will prove the robustness of the product beforehand. Thus, things will run smoothly in external tests. Correct testing will guarantee the long lifetime of the product.

Case Studies