Electronics / SUC 2AC

Best seller, recessed mount USB charger

1 USB-A, 1- USB-C Output, Total 2,1 Amp

Various color led back light

Registered Design

Technical Specifications

Product Code SUC2AC
Operating Voltage 12V/24V
(Multi Voltage)
Current 2,1A
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C

• PA66 GF 30 frame
• PC lens
• Over temperature protection
• Reverse voltage protection
• Output short circuit protection
• Internal insurance
• Over voltage protection 
• Fuse protection
• LED and body color options


Product Name Product Code Product Description Product Detail
SUC2AC-W 3 044 0192 12/24V 2A USB CHARGER (Beyaz LED)
12/24V 2A USB CHARGER (White LED)
SUC2AC-B 3 044 0190 12/24V 2A USB CHARGER (Mavi Ledli)
12/24V 2A USB CHARGER (Blue LED)

Application Area

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