Electronics / SR1243

Mini Relay

Product Code SR
Operating Voltage 12V or 24V
Operating Temprature -40 °C to +85 °C

Technical Specifications

Series Voltage Current Wiring Diagram
SR1243 12V 30A
SR2443 24V 20A
SRD1243 12V 30A
SRD2443 24V 20A
SRR1243 12V 30A
SRR2443 24V 20A
SR1251 12V 20/30A
SR2451 24V 10/20A
SR1256 12V 30/50A
SRD1251 12V 20/30A
SRD2451 24V 10/20A
SRR1251 12V 20/30A
SRR2451 24V 10/20A
SR1252 12V 2x20A
SR2452 24V 2x15A
SRD1252 12V 2x20A
SRD2452 24V 2x15A
SRR1252 12V 2x20A
SRR2452 24V 2x15A

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