Lighting / SBA 3

Recessed mount small size

led lamp for steps and corridors

can also be used for exterior use,

approved for marker positions.


Water Proof

ECE Approved

Technical Specifications

Product Code SBA3
Operating Voltage 12V/24V (Multi Voltage)
Operating Temprature -40 °C to +85 °C
Power Consumption 3 x 0,06W LED
Color Temperature 6500 K
Light Intensity 15 Lumen
Series Voltage LED Color
SBA12W3 12V White
SBA12R3 Red
SBA12Y3 Yellow
SBA12B3 Blue
SBA12G3 Green
SBA24W3 24V White
SBA24R3 Red
SBA24Y3 Yellow
SBA24B3 Blue
SBA24G3 Green

Application Area

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